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Episode 1:
Building Food Security Amid a Changing Climate

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Building Food Security Amid
a Changing Climate

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Feeding the world’s growing population means we need to grow more food in the next 50 years than in the prior 10,000. At the same time, climate change’s negative impact on food yields has just begun. 

Many across the agri-food space are ready for this challenge, setting ambitious targets that require major advances in resource management and the application of new technology. Indeed, it will be a business requirement for agri-food, as capital markets increasingly demand environmental impact disclosure, from water and chemical use, crop  and food waste  and carbon footprints. 

This session looked at how organizations across the agri-food ecosystem can collaborate and invest in smart technology to meet these goals. Special attention was focused on Canada’s potential brand as one of the most environmentally responsible producers of food in the world. 

speakers Include:

Paul Samson

Assistant Deputy Minister,
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

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Clélia Cothier

Project Manager for the Deep Space Food Challenge,
Canadian Space Agency

Impact Canada Fellow,
Privy Council Office

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Seth Laurenson

Senior Scientist
AgResearch New Zealand

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Jacqueline Keena

Managing Director,

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Dave Smardon


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Dave Dinesen

CubicFarm Systems Corp.

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Jane Hilderman

Executive Director,

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Dr. John Janmaat

Associate Professor of Economics,
University of British Columbia

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Anastasia Volkova, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder,

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Felix Weber

President & CEO, Ag Business & Crop Inc.

Vice President, CartoCanada Inc.

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Agenda for April 8th
(all times PST)

11:30 AM Welcome by Event MC
11:35 AM Opening comments by EMILI & Bioenterprise

11:45 AM Presentation: Our Next Frontier — Space Food and why creating it will help us here on Earth

12:00 PM Presentation: Getting Your Produce in the Post-Pandemic World

12:15 PM Panel: Digital Tools to Build Food Security Amid Climate Change
12:45 PM Presentation: If You Can See It, You Can Change It: Digital Tools to Envision Climate Impact
1:00 PM Presentation: We Don’t Eat Silver Bullets
1:15 PM Session Close

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