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AI & the Future
of food

Photo by Herve Renard

AI & the future of food

The world needs to produce more food in the next 50 years than in the prior 10,000, at a time when climate change and urbanization are making our crops less productive. 

Fortunately, a new digital revolution is underway in agriculture. The future of food is being transformed by the convergence of data science, AI and genomics. 

Canada can be a leader in this new green revolution. This session will look at AI’s impact on the future of food, and how we can use our national AI strengths to bolster our position as a global food leader. 

Speakers include:

Dr. Malcolm M. Campbell

Vice-President (Research),
University of Guelph

Crys Vanier

Executive Director,
ISAIC, University of Alberta 

Rickey Yada

Academic Dean ,
University of British Columbia,
Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Michael Gibbons

Provision Analytics

Annett RozEK

Chief Scientific Officer,

Naomi Parness

KPW Communications
(Event MC)

Dawn Trautman

Smart Agriculture and Food Innovation,
Alberta Innovates

joy agnew

Associate VP, Applied Research,
Olds College


11:30 AM Welcome by Event MC 
11:40 AM Presentation by Dr Malcolm Campbell
11:55 AM Presentation on the Smart Farms for the Future
12:10 PM Panel on AI & The Future of Food
12:40 PM Networking Session
1:20PM Event Close

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