The Big Spend

Episode 6:
How Transportation Builds Great Cities

digital event


Focused on Austin, TX


Austin is leading America’s transportation future. 

Last year, the city’s residents dedicated $7 billion USD to major investments in transit infrastructure, and another $460 million to investments related to walking and biking. And that precedes the Biden Administration’s major focus on infrastructure. 

It’s a recognition that America’s economic vitality lies in building connected, complete communities. Austin’s planning holds important lessons for fast growing cities across North America. 

Join CityAge for a 90 minute digital event on June 29 for an important look at regional - and global - lessons in how to build the future.

speakers Include:

Randy Clarke

President and CEO,
Capital Metro

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Tiffany Chu

SVP, Remix at Via
CEO & Co-founder, Remix

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Jason King

Global Computational Design Lead,

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Kathleen Baireuther

Business Strategy & Operations,
Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC,
Ford Motor Company

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Jared Mossman

Public Sector - South Texas / Louisiana,
Genetec Inc

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Annick Beaudet

Mobility Officer, Project Connect
Co-Lead Land Development Code Revision,
City Manager's Office, City of Austin

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Jason JonMichael

 Assistant Director - Smart Mobility,
City of Austin

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Nikelle Meade

Husch Blackwell LLP

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Peter Pillman


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Peter Mullan

Chief of Architecture and Urban Design,
Austin Transit Partnership

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Oliver Hartleben

 Practice Lead,
Urban Design & Planning,
IBI Group

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Zahra Alani

Event MC,

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Agenda for June 29th

(All times ct)

8:30 AM Welcome by Event MC
8:35 AM Welcome and Introduction
8:40 AM Presentation: Building the World's Most Advanced Transit System
8:55 AM Presentation: How to Spend It? Data-Driven Tools to Prioritize Infrastructure Spend Across a Metro Region
9:15 AM Panel: How Land Use Shapes Transportation
9:45 AM Panel: Transportation’s Technology Future
10:20 AM Session Close

Themes for diScussion include:

Sam Liccardo

Mayor of San Jose, CA 

Libby Schaaf

Mayor of Oakland, CA

Emma Stewart

Head of High Tech, Engie Impact

Mary Papazian

President, San Jose
State University

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