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food's digital future

After a hugely successful launch of our series on the Future of Food in the autumn of 2020, CityAge is proud to re-launch the Future of Food in spring, 2021. 

This series of three events will look at North American agricultural industry and the endless opportunities of cross-border successes and collaborations, even amidst the concerns of the global pandemic. 

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food's digital future 2.0

episode 1
April 8, 2021

Building Food Security Amid a Changing Climate


episode 2
May 6, 2021

Data to Drive Better Food Outcomes


episode 3
June 3, 2021

Accelerating Startups and SME’s in

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■  The Digital Agriculture Revolution:  The potential digital breakthroughs in agrifoods that can put the nation at the forefront of innovations in food production and delivery. Where do we have the edge? How can smart technologies and existing computational infrastructure be applied to food starting now?

■  Lessons From the Pandemic: A look at how digital advances can protect our production, distribution and consumption of food during and after the Covid-19 outbreak.

■  Computational Ag: How super-computer and research networks can transform the future of food — from development of new genetics, safer and more reliable pest control products, superior data-based modelling tools through the growing process and uniting public and private research sectors to drive across-the-field innovation.

■  Connected Farms: New techniques for predicting consumer demand, to deliver food that consumers want at prices that are predictable and desirable for farmers, while reducing waste and environmental impact.

■  Our Food Innovators: How to be a global epicenter for startups and SMEs that are bringing innovations to the farm, supply chains and the kitchen table. How do we continue to grow this ecosystem and introduce them to the global agrifood industry?


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