CityAge Insights releases findings on
British Columbia's attitude towards health data sharing

More than nine in ten BC residents (92%) are interested in having an integrated personal health data system developed in Canada that integrates an individual’s healthcare data from different providers to create a common healthcare record for each resident.

CityAge Insights releases
Natural City survey

One emerging idea in urban design is to improve metropolitan growth by embracing a greater understanding of the benefits of natural ecosystems, particularly to manage water, energy and green space.

At CityAge we call the result The Natural City.

CityAge Insights took this important design idea to Houston residents in our independent survey of 500 representative people, from all walks of life, to see what they think.

Houston is a global energy capital and one of the United States’ fastest growing cities. This puts Texas at the center of a global question: how do we balance growth and future energy needs, while ensuring environmental and economic sustainability?


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