The Big Spend

Episode 2:
Data-Driven Investments

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Using Data to Make the Right Infrastructure Investments


Hundred of billions of dollars in spending are headed to North America’s communities.

The big question for this Big Spend: Where and how should those dollars be spent?

We'll helped answer this important question, when CityAge brought together the leaders using data to ensure stimulus spending builds healthier, more livable and resilient cities for the future.

speakers Include:

Joe DiStefano

CEO & CO-Founder,

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Dr. Mariela Alfonzo

Founder & CEO,
State of Place

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Director of City Solutions,
City Tech Collaborative

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Kiran Jain

General Counsel,

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Jimmy Kim

Head of Business Development - Smart Communities, Transportation/Mobility, Verizon Business

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Jeremy Goldberg

Worldwide Director of Critical Infrastructure, Microsoft

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Vikram Dogra

 Deputy Chief of Capital Programs, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority 

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mark forster


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Katherine Perez

Associate Principal | Los Angeles Cities Leader,

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Jennifer Fierman

Principal Planning Strategist,
Swiftly, Inc.

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Bill Fulton

Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research

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Event MC,

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Agenda for May 4th

(all times ET)

11:30 AM Welcome and MC Introduction
11:32 AM Presentation by: Mark Forster

11:45 AM Presentation by: Joe DiStefano

12:00 PM Presentation by: Bill Fulton

12:15 PM Conversation: Data to Reinvent City Design

12:35 PM Panel: Tools to Target Transportation Investment
1:10 PM Close

Topics of Discussion

Sam Liccardo

Mayor of San Jose, CA 

Libby Schaaf

Mayor of Oakland, CA

Emma Stewart

Head of High Tech, Engie Impact

Mary Papazian

President, San Jose
State University

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9:15 - Welcome & participant introductions by CityAge

9:17 - Intro and Preview of the CityCube, by IBI President David Thom

9:25 - CityAge introduces Rick Cole as moderator of session

9:26 - Rick’s opening comments

9:30 - 9:50: Three comments on the question: What’s the status and future of Silicon Valley’s infrastructure and urban design?

9:48 - 10:40: Round robin, led by Rick Cole

10:40 - 10:45: Closing thoughts & thank you, by Rick Cole
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