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tools to promote a
data-driven recovery

The Covid pandemic has made it clear digital tools, and the use of data, are essential to drive social and economic recovery.

That’s why The Data Effect is launching a virtual series: Our Data-Driven Recovery -- to learn from the leaders and ideas in digital transformation and map out the path to rapid post-pandemic recovery for British Columbia, Canada and beyond.

These virtual editions of The Data Effect will be recorded and transcribed, for broad public and business use.

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■  Covid has made it clear that governments and their health and social agencies must have better and higher quality data to cope with — and rebound from — the current pandemic and future crisis. Meeting this challenge is now an imperative.

■  We'll look the data strategies and digital tools that can use our data for full public benefit, while protecting personal privacy.

■  This pandemic has put in stark relief that Canada has a dangerous “Data Deficit.”

■  While we gather data, we don’t do a very good job of sharing it to drive insight to improve safety, public policy and economic productivity. How can we solve that, now, while protecting privacy?

■  This pandemic presents an opportunity for businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. How can the government and investors help them meet that challenge?

■  And how can we make sure jobs are created for a broadly based economic recovery as we do so? 

■  We’ll look at the tools and approaches business leaders will need in the post-pandemic world to build resiliency, increase productivity and put themselves on the road to recovery.


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