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Building A Complete American Neighborhood

December 8, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM ET
Digital event

Building A Complete American Neighborhood

December 8, 2021

Focused On Atlanta, Ga

America’s neighborhoods are the heart of its cities. They are the barometers of the nation’s health, dynamism and future.

Now it's time to make every American neighborhood a complete neighborhood. That means prioritizing equity by infusing communities with better access to opportunity, especially historically underserved communities of color.

Building a Complete American Neighborhood rests on four pillars: equity, community, education and work. They’re a 15 Minute City, they have schools at the center of their community, their urban space provides easy access to all life’s necessities, and they offer life-long learning for all residents.

Implementing each of these pillars rests upon the idea of building multi-dimensional infrastructure and vital engagement with the communities from which new solutions will emerge.

Catalyzed by Reimagine America’s Schools (a program of the National Design Alliance), the Siegel Family Endowment and CityAge, The Complete American Neighborhood seeker to launch a regional and national dialogue on how to ensure every community has an opportunity to build more complete, inclusive neighborhoods.


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  • The 15 minute city — a simple and profound idea: all of life’s necessities: schools, groceries, work and play should be available within a short walk of every home. It’s urban design’s surest path to sustainability, health and wellbeing.
  • Building a new multi-dimensional infrastructure that rests upon physical, digital and social, as outlined by the Siegel Family Endowment here
  • School-centered community reinvestments: Leveraging new investments in education and infrastructure to Reimagine America’s Schools
  • Building inclusive neighborhoods: Ensuring every neighborhood can provide a ladder of opportunity
  • How work is being revolutionized, and what it means for our neighborhoods, offices and metropolitan form
  • Building neighborhoods for the new workforce: how can communities build new environments for nomad workers and today’s employers?
  • New urban spaces for collaboration


Ron Bogle
Ron Bogle
President & CEO | Team Leader
National Design Alliance | Reimagine America’s Schools
Josh Elder
Josh Elder
Director of Grants Management
Siegel Family Endowment
Ted Landsmark
Ted Landsmark
Director, Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy,
Northeastern University
Ryan Gravel
Ryan Gravel
Atiba Mbiwan
Atiba Mbiwan
Executive Director
Zeist Foundation
 Anita Balakrishnan
Anita Balakrishnan
Journalist & Reporter
The Logic
Ann Cramer
Ann Cramer
Senior Consultant
Coxe Curry & Associates
Dr. Morcease Beasley
Dr. Morcease Beasley
Clayton County Public Schools
Andrew Feiler
Andrew Feiler
A Better Life for their Children
Slma Shelbayah
Slma Shelbayah
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Diversified Search Group
Founder and CEO Shelbayah Counsulting
Monika Davis
Monika Davis
DeKalb County School District
Dr. Tauheedah Baker-Jones
Dr. Tauheedah Baker-Jones
Chief Equity and Social Justice Officer
Atlanta Public Schools

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Siegel Endowment

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