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Forest Cities: Mass Markets For Mass Timber

February 25, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM PT
Digital event

Forest Cities: Mass Markets For Mass Timber

February 25, 2021

Wood Technology To Build Low Carbon Cities

North America’s forests can be a powerful - and profitable - force in building more livable, sustainable cities.

CityAge and the Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce are thrilled to present Forest Cities — a look at how to scale mass timber construction in towns and cities across North America.

The event reviewed case studies in CLT construction, its associated carbon benefits and how the opportunities and challenges to growth.


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  • Scale of the Total Market: The scale of mass timber’s potential - continentally and globally - and how it can help solve the climate crisis
  • Develop, Design & Build: If you’re a developer, what do you need to know? How can you get started? How do the costs and safety compare to traditional construction methods? And as an industry and urban ecosystem, how do we dramatically increase the use of wood buildings in our cities?
  • The Business Case: Costs, safety, scalability, regulations
  • How to Scale: Modular construction to accelerate the industry


Dr. Galina Churkina
Dr. Galina Churkina
Senior Scientist
Potsdam Institute for Climate Research
Brad Nile
Brad Nile
Project Executive
Andersen Construction Company of Oregon LLC
Paul Fast
Paul Fast
Fast + Epp
Nathan Torgelson
Nathan Torgelson
Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections
Dr. Patricia A. Layton, Ph.D.
Dr. Patricia A. Layton, Ph.D.
Wood Utilization + Design Institute and Professor of Forestry, Clemson University
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson
Founding Principal
LEVER Architecture
Lucas Epp
Lucas Epp
Head of Engineering
Nick Bjork
Nick Bjork
Director | Group Publisher
Product Management, BridgeTower Media | Daily Journal of Commerce Oregon

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