the future of food

Episode 3:
Data & the FutUre of food

virtual event
January 2021


Canada can build the food system of the future by embracing agriculture’s newest critical resource: data. 

The third edition in CityAge’s look at the future of food will look at why Canada needs an integrated data strategy in agriculture, and how to build and implement it. We’ll look at critical issues in managing, governing and sharing data, and why data is so critical to Canada’s global food brand. 

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agenda for january 2021
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11:30AM  Welcome by event MC
11:40AM Opening Presentation
12:00PM Panel 1: How Canada Can Build and Implement an Integrated Data Strategy in Agriculture
12:30PM Presentation
12:45PM Panel 2: Data and Canada's Brand; Using Traceability to Build Global Market Share
1:15PM Conclusion

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