Community Schools 3.0

A tangible response to inequity, poverty & improved educational outcomes

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reimagine america's schools

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Long standing racial inequities and systemic disadvantages in our schools and communities must change. As civic and educational leaders look for solutions, it is time to take another look at Community Schools as a practical and tangible path forward for many neighborhoods.  

Community Schools have been around for decades.
First introduced in the 1890’s and revisited in the 1990’s by then U.S. Secretary of Education, Richard Riley, who aspired to “create schools as centers of community.” It’s now time to Reimagine Community Schools and create Community Schools 3.0.  

Please join us as we engage communities to create a new 21st century educational commons and a platform to support more robust and successful neighborhoods and students.  

A forum of national thought leaders will be discussing Community Schools 3.0 will be moderated by Tony Smith, former Illinois State Superintendent of Education.

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speakers included

Ron Bogle

National Design Alliance,
Reimagine America's Schools

Jose Munoz

Director, Coalition for Community Schools & Vice President, Equity and Impact, Institute for Educational Leadership

Tony smith

Event Moderator
Former Illinois State Superintendent of Education,
CEO, Founder, Whyspeople LLC

Celine Coggins

Executive Director,
for Education

david muhammad

Executive Director,
National Center for
Criminal Justice Reform

ashley flores

Director of Planning and
Special Projects,
Dallas Independent
School District

malo hutson

Associate Professor and Director, Project Development
Columbia World Projects

steven bingler

Founder and CEO,

elena silva

Director, Pre K-12
Education Policy,
New America

Dr. Paul Gothold

San Diego County Superintendent of Schools

Pedro Rivera

Pennsylvania Secretary of Education,
Pennsylvania Department of Education

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