The Future of Learning at the
Intersection of Technology and Design

virtual event

presented by
reimagine america's schools
in association with the
international society of technology in education
and siegel family endowment

underwritten by schmidt futures

Over the next decade, America may invest as much as $500 billion in building the nation’s public schools.

Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to reimagine public schools, with a vision that more fully incorporates equity, technology and 21st Century learning.

Reimagine America’s Schools and CityAge will host a forum with The International Society for Technology in Education and the Siegel Family Endowment to focus on ways to elevate the collaboration between technology experts and the design community.

We start by asking: how can we more seamlessly integrate digital space and physical space? How do we reimagine the institution we call school?

Please join us for this exploratory dialogue with leading professionals in technology, education and design and be part of the solution.

It’s time to Reimagine America’s Schools.

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speakers included

Ron Bogle

National Design Alliance,
Reimagine America's Schools

Joshua Elder

Director of Grants Management,
Siegel Family Endowment

Richard CulaTta

International Society of Technology in Education

Sheryl Abshire

Educational Consultant,
former CTO,
Calcasieu Parish Public Schools


Chief Innovation Officer,
Lubbock ISD

Marilyn Denison, Ed.D.

K-12 Education Planner,
DLR Group

AshlEy Arhart

Built Experience Innovator & Principal,
BCG Platinion & MAYA Studio

Satya Basu

Digital Innovation Strategist
Perkins and Will

Kecia Ray

Strategic Advisor & Consultant,
K20 Connect

John Syvertsen


Daniel Foreman

Associate Director of Professional Learning,
Digital Promise


Director of Innovation
National Center for Learning Disabilities

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