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Over the next decade America will invest more than $500 billion on building the nation’s public schools. It’s a historic investment that will impact our children for generations to come. 

We’ve simply got to get it right. 

We can’t go back to the old ways of doing things. In fact, the Covid19 pandemic challenges almost every aspect of how we think about education. We need to learn from this crisis and dramatically reimagine how we design our schools for the future.  

That’s why — with the support of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Foundation — we are undertaking an urgent mission to reimagine what our schools can and should be. We will do this by gathering civic, technology, education, philanthropic and design leaders from across the nation to reimagine the institution we call school. 

Our mission is to design schools for the 21st Century, so millions of children — and our communities — can reach their full potential.  

This is a vital American endeavour. We invite you to take part.

Episode 1

School design after the pandemic

As many State and City leaders and educators are now saying, we can’t simply go back to what was, we can’t simply re-open our cities and schools.

We have to reimagine a new future for education and of the institution we call school. It is unlikely that any school leader will ever consider designing a school in the same way we have in the past.

But, what will that change look like? And, how do we redesign and reconfigure the 100,000 public school buildings to adjust to the changes we experience?

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reimagine america's schools

School Design After the Pandemic

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reimagine america's schools

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reimagine america's schools

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contributors to
america's schools

Maurice Cox

Planning Director
City of Chicago

Ashley Arhart

Platinion Design Lead

Ron Bogle

President & CEO, National Design Alliance

sly james

Former Mayor of Kansas City

Gregg Behr

Founder and Co-Chair
Remake Learning

John Weekes

Founder/Principal Emeritus

Julie Critz

Alexandria, MN
Public Schools

Kristen Watkins

Director of
Personalized Learning
Dallas Independent
School District

Kumar Garg

Senior Director and Head of Partnerships
Schmidt Futures

Mark Lund

Middle School Principal
Spokane, WA

Dan Coleman

Big Sky Blue Design

Ashley Flores

Senior Director
Child Poverty
Action Lab

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