Smart City Futures

Episode 1:
Partnerships to
build The future

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Every urban region in America is being challenged by the
Covid-19 pandemic. 

Strong collaboration between business and city governments is needed to maintain essential services and livability through the pandemic, then rebuild and revitalize urban economies for the future. 

It’s time to accelerate the promise of new ideas and technologies to build better cities for Americans.

speakers include

Jonathan Reichental

Best-Selling Author,
Smart Cities
for Dummies

Quentin messer

President & CEO,
New Orleans Business Alliance

Kathryn Wylde

President & CEO,
Partnership for New York City

Bruce Katz

Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University

Jennifer Sanders

Executive Director,
Dallas Innovation Alliance

Jim wunderman

President & CEO,
Bay Area Council


Architect and Founder
Studio Libeskind

Slma Shelbayah
(Event MC)

Founder, Shelbayah Consulting,
Former broadcast Journalist

Andy Taylor

Director of Strategy,
Cubic Transportation Systems

Rick Robinson

Director of Smart Places,

Melissa Roberts Chapman

Senior Program Officer of Entrepreneurship,
Kauffman Foundation

Debra Lam

Executive Director,
Partnership for Inclusive Innovation

Adam ReinEbach

CEO & President,
BridgeTower Media

Mark E. Forster



11:30AM  Welcome and MC Introduction
11:35AM  Presentation ~ Why the Smart Cities Movement Has Only Just Begun
11:50AM Panel 1 ~ Public-Private Collaboration to Maintain and Rebuild our Cities
12:20PM Dialogue ~ How to Build an Urban Opportunity
12:40PM Presentation ~ How Design Can Build the Future
12:55PM Panel 2 ~ How Smart Cities can Build Stronger Communities

insights you'll receive

■ The smart cities movement has only just begun. The pandemic is accelerating understanding that smart city technologies will impact almost every facet of society and the economy, and it's vital to seize the opportunities. 

■  Smart cities offer an opportunity to make American cities more resilient. 

■  Smart cities are crucial to building an advanced digital society that creates more opportunity for every American and keeps America competitive

■  CityAge is launching Smart City Futures as an imprint, partnering with BridgeTower Media, to bring the Smart City Futures newsletter and informative events to Americans.

■   The first event will launch Smart City Futures with a focus on how smart cities are being reimagined to improve digital services and build the future’s essential infrastructure for Americans through the pandemic and beyond.

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