Smart City Futures
episode 2:

November 12
11:30am - 1:30PM ET

essential tools
to build the future

Access to advanced digital connectivity and data
are  essential resources to the businesses building the future.

The second episode in our  series will look at strategies to ensure all of your community's residents and businesses are well connected,
and have insight into the potential of smart city data as a resource.

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11:30AM  Welcome
11:35AM  Presentation
11:50AM Dialogue
12:20PM Presentation
12:45PM Panel
1:25PM Conclusion

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insights you'll receive in Smart city futures

■  How data, innovation and technology can make American cities more resilient.

■  Why the smart cities movement has only just begun -- and how you can benefit

■ How to build an advanced digital society that creates more opportunity for every American and keeps America competitive

■ How cities, utility operators and companies are sharing, integrating and governing data to improve the quality of life of urban residents.

■  Public-private collaboration to maintain and rebuild our cities

■  Securing the smart city: essential tools and practices for safety and cybersecurity

■  How to ensure America catches up in the global race to universal connectivity for all, at the same time as it regains a global lead in building the 5G networks that are essential to future geopolitical and industrial competitiveness

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