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Silicon Valley has often been perceived as a sprawling region lacking an urban vision. That’s now changing.

An emerging network of leaders is establishing Silicon Valley as a city-region preparing for the world’s urban future, as we move to a digital society. It’s a place implementing new technologies to build sustainable communities that form a major urban region.

CityAge: Silicon Valley will look at how to implement this new vision for the region - and others like it here and around the world  - with a major summit this fall.

In preparation, we’re holding a digital roundtable to inform the program. We hope you can take part.

speakers include

Sam Liccardo

Mayor of San Jose, CA 

Libby Schaaf

Mayor of Oakland, CA

Emma Stewart

Head of High Tech, Engie Impact

Mary Papazian

President, San Jose
State University

gary dillabough

Co-founder and CEO, Urban Community

Rick Cole

Former City Manager of Santa Monica and Deputy Mayor of LA

David Thom

President, IBI Group

jon hartner

Analyst, Black & Veatch

Winsome bowen

Head of Regional Transportation Strategy, Facebook

peter wijsman

City Executive -
Vice President, Arcadis

Dale Bonner

Executive Chairman,
Plenary Concessions


Senior Vice President,
Webcor Builders

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9:15 - Welcome & participant introductions by CityAge

9:17 - Intro and Preview of the CityCube, by IBI President David Thom

9:25 - CityAge introduces Rick Cole as moderator of session

9:26 - Rick’s opening comments

9:30 - 9:50: Three comments on the question: What’s the status and future of Silicon Valley’s infrastructure and urban design?

9:48 - 10:40: Round robin, led by Rick Cole

10:40 - 10:45: Closing thoughts & thank you, by Rick Cole
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