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THE New Frontier

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CityAge likes to stay on top of smart technologies and trends that build our future. That’s why we’re introducing an exciting new series.

THE new frontier

The space economy — and its spin offs — started as a niche, albeit an expensive one, dominated by government agencies like NASA and big aerospace companies. The promise of global space networks, spaceports and space tourism, manufacturing in space, billionaires building their own rocket fleets and even a moon colony seemed starry-eyed sci-fi.

No more.

Space is now a big, growing business, impacting where and how we live, and our future economy, in a myriad of ways. 

Sub-orbital satellites will soon guide our cars, geospatial sensor arrays will tell us more about our world and how to live on it more than ever before. Cities are already getting ready for space economies that involve tourism, delivery and manufacturing industries and planetary telecommunications networks that will envelope the Earth.

From medicine to mining, zero-gravity promises a new frontier. One US Billionaire thinks heavy manufacturing will move to space (it already started, actually), so we can rezone the planet for a low-carbon future where we live with nature, not exploit it.

CityAge will be bringing the exciting ideas and people building the  SpaceAge:CityAge to you soon. We’ll take a close look at breakthrough technologies and pioneers who are poised to change the future.

 In fact, we think they already are.

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The Great Lakes

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episode 1
May 13, 2021

The great lakes:
Our Electric Future

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Episode 1
september 14

Canada’s Space Future


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