the data effect:
How Canada Can Shape the Next Phase of Pandemic Response 

Leading with Data

The Covid-19 pandemic has put long standing barriers to effective data-sharing in stark relief. 

Canada can be a global leader in leveraging the data required to make data-driven decisions for society: economic, targeted government services, and health.

We will look at evolving  data protocols to effectively share and protect data during the current outbreak, potential next waves and future pandemics. 

Register for The Data Effect’s virtual edition on September 22 — the first in a series. Stay tuned for future topics soon.

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■ Using Canada’s massive strengths in AI, the cloud, and high-performance computing and AI to manage the pandemic and build resilience for future.

■  How leading digital societies  are  effectively using  data during the pandemic (Hear about advances from digital nation leaders  Estonia and Taiwan)

■  Securing Privacy: Why it need not be a barrier to data sharing

■  An update on Ontario’s new Health Data Platform

■  British Columbia has led Canada on the pandemic —  how it’s approaching health data to save lives and keep the economy working.

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