Decarbonizing America

A CityAge Series Presented by Shell Energy

The United States is on a critical mission to decarbonize its industries, cities, and transportation systems.

This will only happen if we grow national and regional collaboration for renewable energy solutions and fuels. CityAge is launching a national dialogue to progress the roadmap to a lower-carbon  future.

In this series of digital events and in-person roundtables we will identify cleaner mobility and power solutions that can support America’s decarbonization. The goal is to forge partnerships to foster regional collaboration that enable more uptake and supply of renewable energy and cleaner mobility solutions across all sectors.

With the support of Shell Energy — our knowledge partner — we will be holding two nationwide digital seminars in the Spring 2024 for leaders and investors. This will be followed by a series of roundtables in the “hub-city” regions of Houston + the Gulf and Southern California.

We will take a particular look at the decarbonization success stories and challenges of key players in the urban ecosystem - like stadiums, ports, conference centers, transportation fleets, logistics centers, and more.

Our objective is simple. We want to help accelerate your decarbonization journey, no matter where you are - by fostering collaborations that can expand uptake and supply of solutions, that can help transition the United States to a lower-carbon future.

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