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Optimizing your IP strategy for long-term success

November 23, 2023
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM ET
Digital event

Optimizing your IP strategy for long-term success

November 23, 2023

Introducing the ElevateIP Program

Intellectual property is one of the most important assets of the digital age. But Canadian businesses struggle with fast and easy access to the tools and resources to adequately protect and capitalize on it. 

ElevateIP, a new federally funded program being offered by Communitech and its partners, is now providing Canadian businesses with the tools and assistance needed to protect and leverage their intellectual property.

Join us on November 23 for our digital event, presented by CityAge, and Communitech, with support from Invest Ottawa and North Forge, to discover how these IP tools can fuel rapid growth and scalability. 

You’ll gain valuable insights into the crucial moments how firms can receive indispensable support and guidance in comprehending, strategically managing, and leveraging IP. You'll hear from industry experts and learn how business accelerators and incubators can help Canadian firms grow.

Communitech is an ElevateIP Recipient, a national program of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, leading in intellectual property support for startups in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


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Unlocking Intellectual Property's Potential: Learn how to unlock the potential of your intellectual property assets in the digital age.

Mastering ElevateIP for Business Success: Discover how to effectively utilize ElevateIP, a federally funded program, to safeguard and leverage your intellectual property for business growth.

Implementing IP Strategies for Rapid Expansion: Gain actionable strategies to implement intellectual property tools and drive rapid business growth and scalability.

Preventing Costly Errors: Discover key areas for enhancement and common pitfalls in your IP implementation.


Natalie Raffoul
Natalie Raffoul
Managing Partner,
Brion Raffoul Intellectual Property Law
Mike McLean
Mike McLean
Innovation Asset Collective
Natalie Giroux
Natalie Giroux
Stratford Intellectual Property
Max Yam
Max Yam
Associate, Intellectual Property-Backed Financing,
Layth Ashoo
Layth Ashoo
Maverix Private Equity
Mitchel Fleming
Mitchel Fleming
Hall Webber LLP
Jenn Harper
Jenn Harper
Founder & CEO,
Cheekbone Beauty
Beth E.C. Bailey
Beth E.C. Bailey
Director, Strategic Initiatives,
Julia Elvidge
Julia Elvidge
Chair and Co-Founder,
Sean Murray
Sean Murray
IP Advisor,
Launch Lab
Danielle Brewin Graham
Danielle Brewin Graham
The Firehood
Azhar Janjua
Azhar Janjua
Head of Communitech Outposts,
Peter Cowan
Peter Cowan
Intellectual Property Ontario

Presented by


In partnership with

North Forge
Invest Ottawa

11:30 am

Anchor Welcome & Introduction

11:35 am

ElevateIP: Empowering Your Business Through Smart IP Management

  • Beth E.C. Bailey, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Communitech

11:45 am

Panel 1: Increasing Your Business’s Value With A Solid IP Strategy And Implementation

How can a solid IP strategy increase a business’s value? Joins this panel to learn about the practicalities of integrating IP into leadership agendas, emphasizing its priority, and highlighting its broader scope beyond just patents.

  • Mike McLean, CEO, Innovation Asset Collective
  • Jenn Harper, Founder and CEO, Cheekbone Beauty 
  • Julia Elvidge, Chair and Co-Founder, SheBoot
  • Moderator : Natalie Raffoul, Managing Partner, Brion Raffoul Intellectual Property Law
12:15 pm

Fireside Chat: Unlocking Business Value: The Power of an IP Strategy for Investors

  • Layth Ashoo, Partner Maverix Private Equity 
  • Danielle Graham, Co-founder of The Firehood
  • Moderator: Azhar Janjua, Head of Communitech Outposts, Communitech
12:35 pm

Panel 2 : Highlighting The Failures, Challenges And Successes Around IP Implementation

Explore the rocky terrain of IP implementation, where lack of strategy left companies stumbling, and discover how a well-crafted strategy could have been their guiding light towards success.

  • Natalie Giroux, President, Stratford Intellectual Property
  • Max Yam, Associate, IP backed Financing at BDC 
  • Sean Murray, IP Advisor, Launch Lab
  • Peter Cowan, CEO, Intellectual Property Ontario
  • Moderator : Mitchel Fleming, Associate, Hall Webber LLP
1:00 pm

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