Food's Future

21st century tools to address 21st century problems

The world is changing. It means our food system needs to change too, and fast.

Our modern food system relies on extensive cross-border trade, predictable weather, fertile soil and resource-heavy practices. Each of which makes our food supply vulnerable to the defining challenges of our time: climate change, geopolitical conflict and an unstable economy.

We'll explore 21st century tools to address 21st century problems to understand how North America can play a leading role.

That’s why CityAge is launching a new edition of our series on Food’s Future: Building the Future’s Food System. Join us this fall, as we reimagine three pillars of our food system: talent and workforce development, resilient and localized supply chains, and the development and deployment of new technologies.

It’s time to build a food system that works. We hope you’ll join us.

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