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Food's Future

Food’s AI Opportunity

October 4, 2023
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM ET
Digital event

Food’s AI Opportunity

October 4, 2023

AI can bolster the resilience of our food system and power a more sustainable economy

Join us at Food's Future on Oct 4, as we delve into the Food's AI Opportunity, a digital event that’s part of CityAge’s ongoing series focused on Food’s Future. 

AI can help track and counter climate change impacts while promoting climate resilience through advanced genomics.  

We’ll explore how emerging science and burgeoning technologies such as remote sensors, visual recognition, and robotics can employ AI to make a tangible difference in Food’s Future , and how to prepare for the skills needed in the future.


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Mokah Shmigelsky
Mokah Shmigelsky
OneCup AI
Jubair Sheikh
Jubair Sheikh
Machine Learning Scientist,
Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII)
Alycia van der Gracht
Alycia van der Gracht
Quanto Tech Solutions Ltd.
Abdallah Bari
Abdallah Bari
Founder & Chief Science Officer,
Operational AI
Richard Hamelin
Richard Hamelin
Professor and Department Head, Forest Conservation Sciences,
University of British Columbia
Inanç Birol
Inanç Birol
Chief Scientific Officer,
Amphoraxe Life
Crys Vanier
Crys Vanier
Executive Director, Post Secondary Investments & Emerging Technologies,
Alberta Innovates
Ron Osborne
Ron Osborne
Global Head of Technology,
AWS Agriculture
Ryan Riese
Ryan Riese
Hyde Management Services Inc.
Virginia Mulligan
Virginia Mulligan
Senior Manager, Agri-Food Innovation Programs,
Alberta Innovates
Dr. Muhammad Khan
Dr. Muhammad Khan
Senior Vice President of Innovation,
Verge Agriculture
Adam Weiss
Adam Weiss
Chief Technology Officer,
OPIsystems, Inc.
Zahra Alani
Zahra Alani
Broadcast Meteorologist & Communications Strategist, CityAge Anchor

Presented by


with support from our industry partner:

Genome BC

11:30 am

Welcome by Event MC:

Zahra Alani, Broadcast Meteorologist & Communications Strategist

11:35 am

Opening Presentation:

Ron Osborne, Global Head of Technology, AWS Agriculture

Rapid fire: AI applications

5 short, targeted and clear summaries of how AI is being used to build a more sustainable and resilient food system.

11:50 am

Rapid fire: AI applications 1:

Abdallah Bari, Chief Science Officer, OperAI

12:00 pm

Rapid fire: AI applications 2: 

Jubair Sheikh, Machine Learning Scientist, Amii

12:10 pm

Rapid fire: AI applications 3:

Alycia van der Gracht, Founder, QuantoTech Solutions

12:20 pm

Rapid fire: AI applications 4:

Inanç Birol, Chief Scientific Officer, Amphoraxe Life Sciences 

12:30 pm

Rapid fire: AI applications 5:

Richard Hamelin, Professor and Department Head, Forest Conservation Sciences, UBC

12:45 pm

Panel introduction:

Crys Vanier, Executive Director, Post-Secondary Investments & Emerging Technologies, Alberta Innovates

1:00 pm

Panel: How AI & Entrepreneurship can Drive Food System Transformation

AI has the promise to drive the sustainable reinvention of the food system through the innovative application of new tools, at the same time as it builds new startup companies. This panel will address how to accelerator that transformation.

  • Mokah Shmigelsky, CEO, OneCupAI
  • Virginia Mulligan, Senior Manager, Agri-Food Innovation, Alberta Innovates
  • Dr. Muhammad Khan, Senior Vice President of Innovation, Verge Agriculture
  • Adam Weiss, Chief Technology Officer, OPI Systems
  • Panel Chair: Ryan Riese, Vice-President, Hyde Management Services Inc.
1:30 pm

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