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Decarbonizing America’s Transportation and Supply Chain Infrastructure

June 12, 2024
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT
Digital event

Decarbonizing America’s Transportation and Supply Chain Infrastructure

June 12, 2024

Across North America, extensive efforts are now underway on the national and regional level to lower the carbon footprint of our cities, including the transportation infrastructure, power supply, and buildings we rely on.

This entails a carefully considered transition to renewable energy and clean mobility solutions  by the country’s ports, airports, logistics centers, truck fleets and city transportation networks. 

On June 12, CityAge is bringing together a select group of national and regional leaders in a national webinar that will highlight success stories for decarbonizing fleets and buildings via clean mobility and power solutions - featuring companies and stakeholders in every step of their decarbonization journey. We will feature success stories, challenges, and partnership opportunities to decarbonize this vital sector of the economy.

This free event supported by Shell Energy, is part of our CityAge 2024 campaign to look at North America’s transition to a net zero future.


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Themes include:

  • Strategies to decarbonize airports, ports, logistics centers and fleets
  • The emerging markets for low-carbon fuels, including renewable diesel and renewable natural gas, EV charging, and more
  • EV charging for Fleets and smart, clean power supply to support charging infrastructure
  • How renewable microgrids can help us be more energy resilient and augment the grid
  • Pathways to decarbonize mobility assets, in the short, medium and long term 
  • Aggregating renewable energy demand, to provide scalable offtake agreements to catalyze major investments in renewables


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Presented by:

Shell Energy

Event Agenda

10:00 am

Anchor Welcome & Introduction

10:05 am

Opening Presentation

10:20 am

Panel 1 | Starting the Decarbonization Journey: Fleet Efficiency, Fuel Switching, and More

10:55 am

Fireside Chat

11:15 am

Panel 2 | Advancing the Decarbonization Journey: Transitioning to Electric and Hydrogen Fleets

12:00 pm

Event Conclusion



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