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At CityAge, we talk to city builders every day who are solving the world’s biggest problems, from climate change, to accessibility, to inclusive economic growth. We put together digital events, roundtables, and market research showcasing how cities are rising to the occasion, innovating in the face of some daunting, and (forgive the buzzword) disruptive challenges. We do that because our world is dealing with monumental urban growth:

More than 70 percent of the world's population will live in cities by 2050. That would be okay if cities were not responsible for 70 percent of carbon emissions. But they are. They’re also home to social and structural inequities and are not universally accessible, neither physically nor financially. 

At CityAge, we talk to these people because we’re helping leaders figure out how to do it differently - how to do it right. 

But some of the most interesting conversations we have are behind the scenes, in the planning and preparation for our programming. 

The idea of this show is to share those conversations - the kind we get to be a part of all the time. They’re free-flowing, human, energizing, clear and hopeful. 

We’ll talk to government leaders, industry leaders, startup founders, architects, engineers, and more. We’ll ask them how they’re building the future, but we’ll also ask them about their challenges and hopes for the future. 

We live in an urban world, and it’s getting more and more urban by the day. So when we talk about the future of cities, we’re actually talking about the future of humanity. And we’d like to think pretty much everyone cares about that. 

We hope you’ll listen in. And we hope you like it. After all, you can’t build the future alone.

Alon & Anna 
The CityAge Podcast

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In this kick-off episode Alon and Anna discuss CityAge’s delayed entry into podcasting, what they hope listeners will take away from the show, and Alon reveals he doesn’t know much about blockchain. 

Then CityAge Co-Founder and journalist, Miro Cernetig, sits down with founder, professor, author, and smart city expert: Jonathan Reichental. They talk the future of cities, autonomous vehicles, digitizing government services, and more. 

Finally Alon & Anna share with you the stories and articles that the CityAge team has been sending each other lately. You can read them here:

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