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Food's Future

Agtech Building Food’s Future

April 26, 2022
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM ET
Digital event

Agtech Building Food’s Future

April 26, 2022

Urban Agriculture, Automation, Fintech and Cellular Agriculture

We know technology is transforming food’s future. But which technologies will be most impactful?

CityAge’s third installment of this Food’s Future Series will profile the most promising agtech solutions, and how they can solve major challenges. Geospatial tools, data, automation, fintech, and cellular agriculture are on the frontlines of addressing climate change, supply chain disruptions, and food waste. They’re helping the world drive down carbon emissions, grow the economy, and make fresh, local, and healthier food more available.

CityAge took a look at how these technologies are building the future of food, how we can invest in them, and how cities can implement them.


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Lisa Klimstra
Lisa Klimstra
Business Engineering Manager
Ranveer Chandra
Ranveer Chandra
Managing Director, Industry & Networking Research at Microsoft, CTO Agri-Food,
Joy Agnew
Joy Agnew
Associate VP, Applied Research
Olds College
Lejla Uzicanin
Lejla Uzicanin
Vice President of Data, Research and Policy
Invest Vancouver
Fei Luo
Fei Luo
Co-Founder & CEO
Liven Proteins
Dave Smardon
Dave Smardon
Dan Lussier
Dan Lussier
Project Manager, Agri-Food Data,
Ben Voss
Ben Voss
Director of Sales, North American and Australia
Blake Weiseth
Blake Weiseth
Applied Research Lead
Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm
Chief Technology Officer
Verge Ag
Wade Larson
Wade Larson
Senior Vice President, Business Development
EarthDaily Analytics Corp.
Jeffrey Coull
Jeffrey Coull
Head of Strategic Initiatives and Programs
Weston Family Foundation
David Davies
David Davies
Ben Kovacs
Ben Kovacs
Account Executive

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Digital Supercluster

Agenda for April 26th (ET)

11:30 am

Anchor Welcome & Introduction

11:35 am

Presentation by: Ranveer Chandra, Managing Director, Research for industry, Networking Research, CTO, Agri-Food, Microsoft Research

11:50 am

Fireside Chat:

We know automation depends on robust data that can be shared and integrated. What kinds of data-sharing and integration advances are unlocking AI solutions? Which of those solutions are most promising? What can we do to accelerate the development and commercialization of automation?

Joy Agnew, Associate VP, Applied Research, Olds College
Ben Voss, Director of Sales, North America and Australia, Raven

12:05 pm

Presentation by: Godard, Chief Operating Officer, Verge Ag

12:20 pm

Panel: The Agtech Building Our Future

A look at some of the other technologies, in addition to automation, currently building the future of agriculture. We’ll speak to tech developers in cellular ag, geospatial technologies, vertical farming, fintech, and the commercialization of new technologies, in a fast-paced, informative session.

  • Fei Luo, Co-Founder & CEO, Liven Proteins
  • David Davies, Founder, AgUnity
  • Lisa Klimstra, Business Engineering Manager, CENGN
  • Ben Kovacs, Account Executive, SkyWatch
  • Host: Blake Weiseth, Applied Research Lead, Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm
12:50 pm


Introducing the Homegrown Innovation Challenge: Future-proofing food production in Canada.

Jeffrey Coull, Head of Strategic Initiatives and Programs, Weston Family Foundation

1:00 pm


Introducing the EarthDaily Satellite Constellation, a mission to image the entire planet every day in 22 spectral bands:  a powerful new tool for the age of digital agriculture.

Wade Larson, Senior Vice President, Business Development, EarthDaily Analytics Corp.

1:10 pm


We have many of the agtech solutions we need. But how do we get them into the market? This presentation will share what Invest Vancouver found out in their recent report on agtech investment in their city, with a look towards what other regions can learn from it.

Lejla Uzicanin, Vice President of Data, Research and Policy, Invest Vancouver

1:25 pm

Closing comments from:

Dan Lussier, Project Manager, Agri-Food Data, EMILI

Dave Smardon, CEO, Bioenterprise

1:30 pm


Agenda times and items are subject to change.


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