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Food's Future

Data To Drive Better Food Outcomes

May 6, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM ET
Digital event

Data To Drive Better Food Outcomes

May 6, 2021

Data Sharing Across The Agriculture Ecosystem

Data is the food system’s newest critical resource. But leveraging that data requires more connectivity among people, technologies, farms and businesses.

On May 6, CityAge: The Future of Food looked at the important business issues in managing data, at the level of both individual farmers, and across the industry.


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  • Space Data: How new tools, on land and in the sky, are providing real-time insights into risk assessment, what to grow, where to grow, and for how much.

  • Farm and Food Input Management: How modern farms and agri-business can access to real-time data to manage their inventories and increase efficiency, production and yields

  • Digitizing Farms: A look at what’s needed to accelerate the integration of technology and data use on farms across North America

  • Linking the Data: Real insight comes from sharing and interoperability.
    How we can work together to remove barriers and improve data sharing regulations that benefit us all.


Dan Lussier
Dan Lussier
Project Manager, Agri-Food Data,
Christopher Henry
Christopher Henry
Associate Professor, Applied Computer Science
University of Winnipeg
Ketan Kaushish
Ketan Kaushish
CEO & Co-Founder
Ukko Agro
Chris Vanthuyne
Chris Vanthuyne
Senior Product Owner
Farm Credit Canada
Heather McNairn
Heather McNairn
Research Scientist
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Kerry Wright
Kerry Wright
Kari Armbruster
Kari Armbruster
Project Manager, Zero Hunger | Zero Waste
Joe Intrakamhang
Joe Intrakamhang
Product Manager, Data Lead
Zahra Alani
Zahra Alani
Broadcast Meteorologist & Communications Strategist, CityAge Anchor

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