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Breakout Cities

July 28, 2022
11:30 AM -1:00 PM CT
Digital event

Breakout Cities

July 28, 2022

Breakout Cities are investing in new industries and ideas to build the future.

As America rebuilds its economy and infrastructure after the pandemic, the nation’s Breakout Cities are investing in new industries and ideas to build the future.

CityAge has identified some of the major patterns among leading Breakout Cities, and we’re thrilled to return with a new series of events that profile their leadership.

Breakout Cities are re-investing in homegrown industries. They’re developing a talented workforce in partnership with local businesses and investing in placemaking that prioritizes quality of life and culture. They’re challenging dated notions of who can be an entrepreneur, and they’re building robust networks of city leaders and organizations to build opportunity and move their economies forward.

And they’re taking advantage of supportive trends. Infrastructure legislation is funneling money into municipalities, venture capital funding is shifting beyond Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York, and remote work has broadened the possibilities for Americans looking to settle down somewhere new.

Lasting recovery from the pandemic relies on cities seizing this moment. Join CityAge as we bring together the leading Breakout Cities who are building America’s new economy.


Miles Sandler
Miles Sandler
Director of Policy and Engagement, Public Affairs
Kauffman Foundation
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Maritza Pechin
Maritza Pechin
Deputy Director, Office of Equitable Development
City of Richmond, VA
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Mary Ellen Wiederwohl
Mary Ellen Wiederwohl
President & CEO
Accelerator for America
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Shelley Dickstein
Shelley Dickstein
City Manager
Dayton, OH
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Kauffman Foundation

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Themes of Discussion include:

  • How inclusive entrepreneurship builds up regional economies
  • How to leverage generational investments in infrastructure to build local economies
  • How city leaders can support women and minority-owned businesses
  • The role of urban design and the 15 minute neighborhood in attracting talent and encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Accelerating innovation districts in every size of city
  • Case studies of Breakout Cities leading the way


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