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The Future of Urban Infrastructure

Canada’s Mobility Future

September 20, 2022
11:30 - 1:00 PM ET
Digital event

Canada’s Mobility Future

September 20, 2022

building Canada’s Mobility Future

As a fast-growing urbanized nation, Canada is well-positioned to show the world how to build the future’s urban mobility.

That means investing in new technology and data systems to digitize our transportation networks, as well as building our cities around multimodal hubs that reward density and multiple transportation options.

Exciting new applications exist in smart passenger-data systems to drive efficiency and convenience in transit, as well as digital systems to reduce congestion and speed traffic flow.

And improved mobility - through both technology and transit-oriented development at scale - is how our cities can encourage equality of opportunity for every Canadian, as well as provide options for aging citizens and persons with disabilities.

CityAge: Canada on September 20 will bring together leaders in the public and private sector who are building Canada’s Mobility Future.

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