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The Data Effect

Fighting Climate Change with Data

May 17, 2022
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM PT
Digital event

Fighting Climate Change with Data

May 17, 2022

Climate Change: The Existential Crisis of Our Time

Climate change is an acute crisis of our time — innovations in data are essential to solve it. Public and private data sets, and the digital tools and financial incentives they make possible, are critical to reducing Canada’s carbon emissions. 

Canada’s business and government leaders are establishing data protocols to accurately and transparently monitor and reduce emissions — accelerating the path to Net Zero while building a prosperous green economy. 

A particularly exciting opportunity in this sector is the use of new climate data tools to drive sustainability in real estate and the built world. This session will explore the new protocols emerging to link financial tools with sustainability targets that can accelerate decarbonization of the built world. 

On May 17, CityAge brought together industry leaders for The Data Effect to explore how data will help us fight climate change and meet ESG goals, starting now


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Angie Hall
Angie Hall
Head of Sustainable Finance, Commercial Banking
Bruce Ralston
Bruce Ralston
Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
Province of British Columbia
Malcolm Shield
Malcolm Shield
Vice President, Sustainability
Wesgroup Properties
Clark M. Roberts, QC
Clark M. Roberts, QC
President & CEO
Aimo ​​Kõva
Aimo ​​Kõva
Head of International Operations
Laura Zizzo
Laura Zizzo
Co-Founder & CEO
Manifest Climate
Daniel O’Brien
Daniel O’Brien
Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change
PwC Canada
Kevin Gurney
Kevin Gurney
Professor | Co-founder & CTO
Northern Arizona University | Crosswalk Labs
Jay Milroy
Jay Milroy
Director of Product Management
Sydney Goodfellow
Sydney Goodfellow
Digital Learning Lab
Patrika McEvoy
Patrika McEvoy
Technical Coordinator
Early Earthquake Warning Community, Coastal First Nations

Part of The Data Effect Series 2022 in Partnership With

Advantage BC
Digital Supercluster
New York Tech - Van

Genome BC


11:30 am

Anchor Welcome and Introduction

11:35 am

Opening Presentation by: Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines,

11:45 am

Presentation: Clark Roberts, QC, President & CEO, AdvantageBC

11:55 am

Presentation: Aimo Kova, Head of International Operations, Datel

12:05 pm

Presentation: Kevin Gurney, Professor, Northern Arizona, University and Co-founder & CTO, Crosswalk Labs  

12:15 pm

Panel 1: Coastal First Nations Connectivity Network

  • Jay Milroy, Director of Product Management, Llamazoo
  • Sydney Goodfellow, Director, Digital Learning Lab
12:40 pm

Presentation: Malcolm Shield, Vice President, Sustainability, Wesgroup

12:50 pm

Panel 2: Tools to Finance the Green Transition

New sources of geospatial data are making it easier to monitor carbon emissions, while new protocols that tie loans and equity markets to sustainability targets are emerging. This represents a major financial opportunity for Canadian firms if approached properly. We’ll look at how Canada can be a global leader in using green finance to build a new economy, with focus on urban real estate and construction.

  • Malcolm Shield, Vice President, Sustainability, Wesgroup
  • Laura Zizzo, Co-Founder & CEO, Manifest Climate
  • Daniel O’Brien, Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC Canada
  • Clark Roberts, Executive Director, AdvantageBC
  • Panel Chair: Angie Hall, Head of Sustainable Finance, Commercial Banking, HSBC
1:30 pm

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Agenda times and items are subject to change.


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