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The Data Effect

Data-Driven Health Care Breakthroughs

April 7, 2022
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM PT | 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM ET
Digital event

Data-Driven Health Care Breakthroughs

April 7, 2022

Health Data Can Save Lives

Health data can save lives and keep Canada competitive on the global stage— from genomics to developing AI solutions that cure disease. It can help us diagnose and treat illness earlier and more effectively, make preventative and precision medicine more possible, unlock how environmental factors can determine health outcomes, and more.

To unleash the full potential of this data, we need robust cyber and privacy security, advanced data sharing and integration tools, as well as decentralized platforms that Canadians can trust. These tools exist, and Canada should be a leader in their implementation.

CityAge, in collaboration with Genome BC, brought you The Data Effect on April 7 and mapped out how Canada can use these assets to drive discovery, protect privacy , and benefit society.


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Themes of Discussion Include:

  • The potential power of sharing and integrating health data, both across silos in British Columbia and nationwide across Canada
  • Current barriers to effective data sharing
  • How to mitigate risk and ensure privacy while sharing health data
  • A look at who’s leading the way in developing data sharing and integration tool


Martin Wright
Martin Wright
ADM, Health Sector Information, Analysis and Reporting
BC Ministry of Health
Alexandra Flatt
Alexandra Flatt
Vice President, Pandemic Response and Chief Data Officer
Provincial Health Services Authority
Pascal Spothelfer
Pascal Spothelfer
President & CEO
Genome BC
Federica Di Palma
Federica Di Palma
Chief Scientific Officer, Vice President, Sectors
Genome BC
Ali Ardakani
Ali Ardakani
Founding and Managing Director
Novateur Ventures Inc.
Darryl Knight
Darryl Knight
Vice President, Research and Academic Affairs
Providence Health Care
Adhele Tuulas
Adhele Tuulas
Digital Transformation Advisor for Data Exchange
Peter Goodhand
Peter Goodhand
Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
Kim McGrail
Kim McGrail
Scientific Director | Professor
Health Data Research Network Canada | UBC
Zsuzsanna Hollander
Zsuzsanna Hollander
Data Science Lead
Genome BC
Victoria Lee
Victoria Lee
President & CEO
Fraser Health Authority

Presented by

Genome BC

In partnership with

Digital Supercluster
St. Paul

Agenda (PST)

10:30 am

Anchor welcome & introduction

10:35 am

Presentation by: Federica Di Palma, Chief Scientific Officer, and Vice President, Sectors, Genome BC 

How we can unlock the massive potential of BC’s health data?

11:05 am

Panel: Data to Drive Health Discovery

Open and accessible data sets can accelerate health research. What are the essential components of a great health science cluster? How do we ensure the privacy that Canadians expect, while also driving discovery that can save lives? What’s the role of data sharing and data policy? 

  • Zsuzsanna Hollander, Data Science Lead, Genome BC 
  • Marc Fiume, Co-Founder and CEO, DNAstack  
  • Kim McGrail, Scientific Director, Health Data Research Network Canada, Professor, UBC 
  • Darryl Knight, Vice President, Research and Academic Affairs, Providence Health Care   
  • Moderator: Ali Ardakani, Founding and Managing Director, Novateur Ventures 

11:40 am

Presentation by Adhele Tuulas, Digital Transformation Advisor for Data Exchange, Cybernetica

The Why and The How: Future-proof Data Exchange for Digital Health .

11:55 am

Panel 2: Data to Improve Health Care

It’s no secret that better use of data can improve Canadian health care. This session will address challenges to doing so: information governance, infrastructure: what are platforms, standards, and challenges around linking data? How do we best leverage data to improve the health system?

  • Martin Wright, ADM, Health Sector Information, Analysis and Reporting, BC Ministry of Health
  • Victoria Lee, President & CEO, Fraser Health Authority
  • Alexandra Flatt, Vice President, Pandemic Response and Chief Data Officer at Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Moderator: Pascal Spothelfer, President & CEO, Genome BC

12:30 pm

Event close

Agenda times and items are subject to change


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