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Decarbonize LA: Heavy Duty

July 12, 2022
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM PT
Digital event

Decarbonize LA: Heavy Duty

July 12, 2022

decarbonizing heavy industry and building an electric-powered transit and transportation systems

The LA region aims to be powered 100% by renewable energy by 2035. To achieve this ambitious goal, it’s essential that LA, as a home to significant industrial activity - establish global leadership in the decarbonization of heavy industry and major fleets.

Thankfully clean technology and policy innovations are emerging to drive electrification and the use of clean hydrogen at scale. The LA region can show global leadership by decarbonizing heavy industry and building an electric-powered transit and transportation system.

CityAge, in collaboration with Shell, will bring together the leaders shaping this vision with a digital event on July 12, 2022. A follow up focused roundtable will follow in September.


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Event Agenda for July 12th

11:30 am

Opening Presentation

11:50 am

Panel: Decarbonizing Port of LA and Port of Long Beach’s Operations: the Challenge & Opportunity

New clean technologies applied to port operations offer a promising strategy to decarbonize the activities that power ports, in particular ship to shore activities. Our opening panel will review the strategies offering the most promise and their relationship to infrastructure like the grid.

12:15 pm

Panel: How to Decarbonize a Major Transportation System, with the Port as Case Study

The Port is served by a major transportation system that’s critical to the nation’s economy. How can we accelerate the decarbonization of drayage, intermodal rail and other core arteries, as we build more efficient and smooth operations?

12:40 pm

Panel: Getting to Net Zero Transit Operations

Decarbonizing LA Metro through electrification is another foundational step towards a full transition to renewable energy. What are the major opportunities and challenges arising from the work done so far?

1:05 pm

Panel: Synthesis - wrap up discussion

The previous sessions outlined key strategies for LA’s energy transition, from port activities through major fleets. What lessons do these conversations offer for the LA region to present a model of decarbonization others around the world can learn from?

1:30 pm


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