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Fast-Growing Cities and the Circular Economy

April 13, 2023
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM ET
Digital event

Fast-Growing Cities and the Circular Economy

April 13, 2023

How can tech and cities work together to build more sustainable, livable cities that thrive?

We will be a country of  50 million people by 2050.

It means we now need to start stewarding our resources more than ever. And that will only happen if we embrace a circular economy.

CityAge is bringing together the leaders doing just that. We’ll look at the new ideas, technologies and investments that will help us to reduce waste, recycle what we use and reduce our carbon and ecosystem footprints.

Join CityAge, in collaboration with TELUS Business,  on April 13 to look at the new practices and technologies that can increase sustainability at the same time as we prepare our cities for as many as 10 million more people.


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Topics the digital event will address:

  • New solutions to deliver waste management and the circular economy in rapidly growing cities
  • How to upgrade infrastructure to make it sustainable: specific applications in  clean energy, smart waste and recycling systems
  • The massive opportunity a circular economy offers to build our cities for the future


Dan Watson
Dan Watson
Senior Market Manager, Smart City,
TELUS Business
Sam Dietrich
Sam Dietrich
Chief Executive Officer,
Prairie Robotics
Peter Uppal
Peter Uppal
VP Sales & Business Development,
Mary Jean O’Donnell
Mary Jean O’Donnell
MJ Waste Solutions
David Messer
David Messer
Executive Director,
Smart Cities Office, City of Guelph
Alex Sebastian
Alex Sebastian
Co-founder and COO,
Orchard Labs
Kate Polkovsky
Kate Polkovsky
Chief Executive Officer,
Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission
Meaghan Davis
Meaghan Davis
Manager, Circular Economy and Innovation, Solid Waste Management Services,
City of Toronto
Bryan Buggey
Bryan Buggey
Executive Vice-President,
Invest Vancouver

Presented by

Telus Business


11:30 am

Anchor Welcome & Introduction

11:35 am

Opening Presentation

11:50 am

Panel 1: New Tools for Turning Waste into an Asset

Cameras, sensors, wifi and tech. All things we throw away. Now they are also the technologies that are the basis for innovations in HOW our waste is managed – with sensors, AI and more. Welcome to the waste management revolution.

12:20 pm


12:35 pm

Panel 2: How to Build an Urban Circular Economy

Leaders transitioning from a linear take-make-waste economy to a circular reuse-repair-repurpose economy share their insights and lessons learned along the journey.



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