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The Data Effect

The Data Effect: Facing America's Technology Gap

July 15, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM PT
Digital event

The Data Effect: Facing America's Technology Gap

July 15, 2021

How Silicon Valley Can Keep America And Its Allies Competitive In Essential Technologies.

As the United States moves to secure the technological frontier, one of the country’s strategic imperatives must be to revamp its manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure.

The developing crisis in microchip manufacturing now impacting the U.S. economy has been exacerbated by pandemic related supply issues. The underlying challenge, however, is the lack of continental resources and production strategies to secure future demand.

CityAge - in collaboration with San Jose State University - brought together the leaders who are taking action to solve these problems. This  digital event  looked at concrete actions to rebuild American R&D and manufacturing and protect and revitalize the nation’s supply chains.

We looked at how policymakers, such as Rep. Ro Khanna, are spearheading legislative efforts to increase federal investments in innovative science and research, and how Silicon Valley’s universities and companies can keep America and its allies in the lead of advancing microchips and other essential technologies.


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  • Essential investments in research universities, R&D funding and technology to reduce strengthen our economy
  • Cultivating more American entrepreneurs in the industries that will build America’s future
  • How to structure essential investments in the technologies in the future
  • Rebuilding America’s cybersecurity edge


Ro Khanna
Ro Khanna
U.S. Representative from California's 17th Congressional District
Mary Papazian
Mary Papazian
San José State University
Jeff Welser
Jeff Welser
COO, Research and VP
Exploratory Science and University Collaborations, IBM
Dan Gamota
Dan Gamota
Vice President, Manufacturing, Technology and Innovation
Ajit Manocha
Ajit Manocha
President and CEO
Gabrielle Sierra
Gabrielle Sierra
Host and Podcast Producer
Council on Foreign Relations
Zahra Alani
Zahra Alani
Broadcast Meteorologist & Communications Strategist, CityAge Anchor

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