Saving Wine Country

Coming Soon | Spring 2024

The climate crisis is here — and it's hitting the planet’s wine regions hard.

From the vineyards of British Columbia's Okanagan Valley to the famed estates of California, Australia, and the Mediterranean, the $500-billion wine industry is in crisis: record-breaking heat and cold, devastating wildfires, severe drought, and air that taints grapes and makes them unusable all jeopardize the future of wine growing regions, along with the communities and economic spinoffs that top $1-trillion.

It’s time to act.

CityAge is launchingSaving Wine Country, an international campaign to combat this emergency head-on. We're building a coalition of leaders to enact real change — through cutting-edge technology, innovative ideas, and strategic investments, we aim to preserve, protect, and future-proof our vineyards and the communities that surround them. In 2024, this campaign will feature in person and digital roundtables, a major summit, and be bolstered by surveys, reports, and earned media coverage to bring forth solutions.

To start, CityAge is zeroing in on the U.S. West Coast and Canada’s Okanagan Valley. We’ll be looking at immediately available technologies, ideas, innovations and investments that can save and sustain the vineyards, other agricultural lands, and the communities around them.

We often think of low-lying coastal cities as the front line of climate change.

The reality is the planet’s vulnerable wine regions are under siege — the canary in the wine.

Please join us and support Saving Wine Country. It starts now.

It’s Time for Action!

CityAge presents Saving Wine Country,  a pivotal event series aimed at addressing the broadening climate crisis and its impacts on wildfires. This series, focusing on the globally recognized Canadian destination, the Okanagan Valley, known for its vineyards, food, and natural splendor, will discuss the challenges posed to the $2.8-billion wine industry and local communities by record heat, wildfires, and prolonged drought. The series, spanning several months, will feature roundtables, a major event, surveys, and reports, and aims to explore innovative solutions to mitigate these challenges, not just in the Okanagan, but globally, from California to Australia to the Mediterranean.

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Saving Wine Country will address:

The Viticulture Crisis: Exploring the impact of wildfires on the wine industry and potential mitigation strategies.

Emerging Technologies for Fire Detection and Response: Examining new technologies to combat wildfires.

Saving Water: Strategies to address droughts affecting agriculture and communities.

Ice, not just Fire!: the changing climate is bringing in conditions that create frost, a killer of vineyards that is now necessitating financial relief and new strategies to deal with a total crop killer.

The Tainted Grapes Challenge: Addressing the impact of smoky air on winemaking.

Taking to the Night: Nighttime Firefighting Technologies utilizing new methods and helicopters for 24/7 wildfire response.

Here Come the Drones: Drone Utilization in Firefighting: Integrating drones for efficient and quick response.

What Does the Future Look like? Straight talk from our best economists and sector experts.

Will Insurance Stay the Course? With risks clearly rising, can the industry be insured into the future? What technologies and actions can make that the case and keep premiums under control?


Why CityAge?

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