The Future of Urban Infrastructure

Build 2050’s urban infrastructure, not 1950’s


Urban infrastructure is changing at the fastest pace in decades. 

Two revolutions - one digital, the other low carbon - are re-engineering the built environment. And a generational federal investment means public infrastructure organizations are flush with cash, and need to spend it.

The once-staid world of infrastructure is suddenly North America’s most vibrant sector, with growth and opportunity driven by fast-growing firms, innovative global corporations and leading research institutions.

Amid this fast changing environment, smart partnerships are essential to deliver the right projects that use the right technologies.

That’s why CityAge is launching a multi-channel series of events and content on the Future of Urban Infrastructure: to make sure we build 2050’s urban infrastructure, not 1950’s

Through digital and in-person events and roundtables with a regional and national focus, as well as our podcasts, reports and customized research, CityAge will recognize the government, private and research leaders who are catalyzing smart investments in the continent’s future.  


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