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How to Build a Complete American Neighborhood

How to Build a Complete American Neighborhood

"The physical city has an enormous impact on education and people’s lives, and if you can’t talk about it and acknowledge it, then it’s hard to move forward,” Founder of Sixpitch, Ryan Gravel, told the virtual audience on Dec 8.

Reimagine America Schools and CityAge, in association with the Siegel Family Endowment, brought both national and local Atlanta leaders together on Dec. 8, to discover how American neighborhoods can become more complete through a focus on equity, community, education, and work.

Nearly 300 people attended the digital event to hear from Atlanta school superintendents, local foundations, and other experts like Gravel.

Neighborhoods where digital tools, quality housing, and other basic needs are easily accessible, and where social, physical, and digital infrastructure are integrated, are the ones that set students up for success, according to these experts.

Here’s what they had to say about how we can start building them.

Building a Complete American Neighborhood returns on February 17 with a look at How Technology is Connecting Communities and Schools, with a focus on San Jose and Silicon Valley. Learn more about the digital event and register for free here.


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