The Data Vancouver: Our Health Data Opportunity Summary Report

The Data Vancouver: Our Health Data Opportunity Summary Report

During The Data Effect Vancouver: Our Health Data Opportunity, CityAge went beyond traditional presentations and panels by hosting engaging breakout sessions, conducted under the Chatham House Rule, to foster in-depth conversations and generate a comprehensive list of priorities specifically tailored to Vancouver and British Columbia.

By encouraging group participation and networking, the breakout session ensured that all attendees had their voices heard and contributed to a collaborative discussion.

Through the breakout session, presentations, and panels, 15 action items were identified:

  • Establish a learning health system for BC and Canada.
  • Bridge fragmented health data sources for better utilization.
  • Integrate AI technologies to optimize workflows and improve diagnostics.
  • Insure robust security, privacy, and ethical use of AI in health care.
  • Address concerns about potential bias, errors and lack of transparency in AIalgorithms.
  • Manage job displacement through re-skilling and up skilling initiatives.
  • Provide ongoing oversight and governance frameworks for responsibleAI deployment.
  • Promote patient awareness and involvement in health care decisions.
  • Include underrepresented communities for equitable representation and outcomes.
  • Strengthen data governance frame works and population health efforts.
  • Take a proactive approach to data utilization in health care.
  • Foster collaboration and partnerships in research initiatives.
  • Focus on prevention and personalized medicine in health care.
  • Learn from Indigenous approaches to health care for cultural inclusivity.
  • Address challenges related to data custodianship versus ownership.

Read the full report here.


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