The CityAge Cube

We want to introduce you to The CityAge Cube — a new way of meeting that launches Dec. 9th on a computer, laptop or tablet near you..

When the pandemic hit, CityAge had a bit of an existential crisis. Who didn’t?

We’ve long been an organization that brings together people to meet and exchange ideas. But Covid-19 made that impossible — not to mention dangerous.

So almost nine months ago we cancelled all our live events. And we took a hard look at how to survive.

We quickly realized that we needed to go virtual. To our delight we realized that we had built up a lot of the necessary digital tools over the last few years. We just needed to bring all of what we were doing into one place. And that’s how The CityAge Cube came to be.

Working with our friends at the IBI Group — masters in architectural design who have been long-time CityAge sponsors — we went to work creating a virtual space that would offer the experience of a physical conference room and open up the possibilities of the digital realm.

The result is what we call The Cube.

It’s a crystal box — which can fit onto your smartphone screen yet also grow as big as you might want it to be on any monitor. Enter it, and you will see our first step to creating the ultimate meeting space that in some ways is better than a real-life conference.

Every wall of The Cube is translucent, made to fit the subject and place we are talking about. Look through it, and given the event, and might see the skyline of a city, wheat fields or nothing but wide open sky.

You can get to the CityAge event by walking down the virtual stairs into the CA amphitheatre, beamed in live. (If you miss it, you can also visit later, to catch the show.)

Giant displays cascade from the glass ceiling of the Cube — a rocket ship, an elevator that you can enter to be transported to another building (we’re working on that!) or pretty much whatever you can imagine.

You can go into virtual meeting rooms and converse with other participants.

We invite you to come to the unveiling of the CityAge Cube, for our Dec. 9 CrossOver: AI event, which is looking into the future of artificial intelligence. Let us know what you think, what’s missing and how to improve The Cube for version 2.0, which will be coming soon.


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