Strategy Summit 2021

Smart City Solutions for a Post-Pandemic World

An exclusive meeting of global city leaders

a digital event

Join 200 of your peers, including:


Vice Mayor,
City of Porto


Agenda 2030 Commissioner,
City of Barcelona


Deputy Mayor for Budget and Innovation,
City of Los Angeles


Director of Sustainability & Resilience,
City of Orlando



The COVID-19 pandemic has been a watershed event for cities, with lasting impacts on how residents will live, travel, shop, and work. Our ground-breaking research into the post-pandemic plans of 167 cities worldwide—to be released at the summit—reveals that cities will need to morph into Cities 4.0 to achieve their social, environmental, and economic goals and meet their citizens’ needs after the pandemic ends. 

Cities 4.0 are urban centers that will evolve beyond yesterday’s smart cities to transform and interconnect various urban domains by leveraging technology and data, and by using a wider set of partnerships and innovative financing models. Just as importantly, Cities 4.0 will engage and empower their citizens, and will work with communities to take their social, environmental, and economic agenda to a higher level, fully aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

The Smart Cities Strategy Summit will brought together city leaders from around the world to exchange views on solutions for a post-pandemic world. Participants  included urban experts from ESI ThoughtLab and CityAge and thought leaders from the business, academic, and government, who helped moderate and contribute to the discussion. Unlike other urban-focused events, the Smart Cities Strategy Summit was an invitation-only interchange that provided a virtual forum for a cross-pollination of ideas and practices, drawing on our latest evidence-based research. 

Those that joined us at the summit gathered insights from peers and our analysis to craft a successful roadmap to achieving post-pandemic urban development goals. 

Download the Report: Smart City Solutions for a Riskier World
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Hear from these leaders

Chris Castro

Director of Sustainability & Resilience,
City of Orlando

emily yates

Smart City Director,
City of Philadelphia

jeanne holm

Deputy Mayor for Budget and Innovation,
City of Los Angeles

kelvin zin

Regional Vice President, Americas,
Singapore Economic Development Board

lou celi

Chief Executive and Founder,
ESI ThoughtLab

William Baver

VP Smart Platform,

Miquel Rodriguez

Agenda 2030 Commissioner,
City of Barcelona

Filipe Araujo

Vice Mayor,
City of Porto

Ton de Vries

Senior Director of Business Development, Digital Cities, Bentley Systems

Hervé Solignac

Founder & CEO, URBATIS
Director, Finance for Impact

Robert Mankowski

Senior Vice President,
Digital Cities, Bentley Systems

Bennett Indart

Vice President,
SMART World Solutions, NTT

Jeffrey Snoddy

Emergency Services Manager,
City of Torrance, California

Steve Wray, MS

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives,
ESI ThoughtLab

Ethan Conner-Ross

Director, Economic Impact Analyst,
ESI ThoughtLab

Miriam Berhane Russom

 Principal Program Manager,

Tom Coleman

Director of Technology Integration
and Planning,

Kevin Taylor

Segment Development Manager:
Smart Cities,
Axis Communications

agenda on MArch 30
(all times ET)

11:00am Welcoming Remarks
11:02am Presentation
11:12am Panel:  After the pandemic: The Rise of Cities 4.0

11:42am Panel Reaction

11:47am Breakout Sessions

12:37pm Return to Plenary, Discussion of Breakout Findings

12:52pm Event Networking

1:00pm Session Close (networking will continue until 1:30pm)
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