When the Crowds Return
Coming soon - april 2021
virtual event

Bringing the Crowds back Post Pandemic



The end of the pandemic is now very much in sight. Now is the time for venues of all sizes -- from local concert halls to major venues and stadiums -- to plan for a fan experience that’s more amazing than ever. 

CityAge is thrilled to organize another edition in our virtual series on how to bring crowds back to our busiest urban places. 

Every facility - and every city that is home to those facilities - has a huge opportunity to deliver a powerful first impression as fans and attendees first return. 

Do you as a destination have the facilities ready for crowds to gather and celebrate on the other side of the pandemic? We’ll show you how to get ready.

speakers, Sponsors and Agenda coming soon! 

Sam Liccardo

Mayor of San Jose, CA 

Libby Schaaf

Mayor of Oakland, CA

Emma Stewart

Head of High Tech, Engie Impact

Mary Papazian

President, San Jose
State University

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9:15 - Welcome & participant introductions by CityAge

9:17 - Intro and Preview of the CityCube, by IBI President David Thom

9:25 - CityAge introduces Rick Cole as moderator of session

9:26 - Rick’s opening comments

9:30 - 9:50: Three comments on the question: What’s the status and future of Silicon Valley’s infrastructure and urban design?

9:48 - 10:40: Round robin, led by Rick Cole

10:40 - 10:45: Closing thoughts & thank you, by Rick Cole
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