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The Future of Urban Infrastructure

The Digital Transformation of American Infrastructure

September 13, 2022
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM ET
Digital event

The Digital Transformation of American Infrastructure

September 13, 2022

The once-staid world of infrastructure is suddenly America’s most vibrant sector

America’s urban infrastructure is being digitized. That offers an immense opportunity to shape the nation’s competitiveness and innovation, as well as build equity in every community.

The use of digital technologies in the planning, delivery and maintenance of America’s public infrastructure is increasing exponentially, as both public and private clients demand modernized tools and operators begin to understand their value and return.

On September 13, CityAge is bridging together the public and private and advanced education leadership who are driving tech-enabled infrastructure across the economy, from every level of government and utilities through architecture, engineering, construction and technology.

The event will also address how advanced digital systems are essential to meet the goals of the federal government’s infrastructure bill - from accurate public reporting through building more sustainable, resilient, equitable communities and a next-generation workforce.

The most exciting sector in America is now literally under our feet.

Join us on September 13 to add your voice to the digital transformation of American infrastructure.  


Laura Chace
Laura Chace
President and CEO,
Intelligent Transportation Society of America
Vikram Dogra
Vikram Dogra
Chief Fare Transformation Officer
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Christine Simon
Christine Simon
Director of Government Affairs,
Stephen Goldsmith
Stephen Goldsmith
Director, Innovations in American Government Program,
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Si Katara
Si Katara
Co-Founder and President,
Emeka Moneme
Emeka Moneme
Managing Principal
Pillar Solutions LLC


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